Wednesday, October 14, 2009

While talking about the rest of the Y Axis we realized that the Mendel print tray parts are too complicated to make from Plywood (not to mention pulling part dimensions out of Art of Illusion seems to be impossible), so we are re-engineering the bearing system for the print tray (I'll be nice to get a plastic version printed off when this is all over, but hey it's going to be one hell of an adventure). I've included the drawing we are looking at for the bearing plates and the bearings I picked up today. The dotted lines in the drawings are the angles for the bolts we're using.

This whole blog thing may work out for the best as it keeps me from talking off my girlfriends ear with things that she neither understands or cares about :).


  1. Hey Adam

    Good work on your wooden mendel!

    I've just started to build a wooden mendel too. Like you say its certainly going to be a challenge! Im also using a jigsaw...

    Nice modification for the print tray! I will use it in my build, thanks! Ive done a couple of simplifications myself there's probably quite a bit of simplification possibilities that will make things a little easier for us.

    As for drawings and dimensions I found a good tutorial on using blender to convert the STL's into 2d to scale printable drawings here:

    and have converted the frame vertex, z leadscrew bracket and y axis bar clamps. Blender also has edge length tools.

    Ive uploaded an album with the pictures of my mendel build so far and 2d drawings here:

    If you have anything you'd like converting and dont fancy learning blender, let me know, it only takes a minute - an exchange for your simplification designs.


  2. to add: I made a post on the forum about wooden mendel adventures, refered to your print tray and asked weather there is anyone else building one, it would be great if we can all pool our ideas together. The post is here:,28813,28813

  3. I like your bearing design, and I've tweaked it a bit. Going to try to cut them out soon on my CNC router to check the fitment. I'd attach some renerings as well as an STL file if I knew how.