Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ok, we got the Y-Axis bearings made up and the Stepper driver boards are in. Too bad I forgot most of the drawings in Ontario. I do have two photos with me (don't ask why, thats all thats on my memory card).

I've attached a couple pictures, including a couple screen shots of the bearing supports in AutoCAD (If anyone wants the CAD files let me know and I will email them out). The bearing supports are made out of 5/8" plywood, and if you print the CAD file in 1:1 ratio you can just stencil them on. Disregard the "mm" after the angle measurements, AutoCAD Overrides and I weren't getting along that day.

Mounting the bearings on the print surface was a little rough (as you can see in the photo its a little crooked) but it works really well, and moves full range smoothly. Adding the Stepper Motor and belts should be a snap. Make sure you cut the top of the bearing mount in the right spot, or you'll have to use washers to level the print surface.

The original design was a failure, they were too hard to make up, and impossible to tune. This new design is easy (as long as you are precise with your cuts) and takes about 15 minutes per bearing mount.

When I get home I will post the photos that show the bearings better.


  1. Nice work! that does look nice and simple!

  2. Can you sent me more pictures and the autocad file ?